ISHAW was born out of a collaboration between Cordell Evolution and Kinseed.

About Us

Introducing ISHAW, a comprehensive suite of applications that’s not only disrupting the delivery of occupational health, but also revolutionising it. ISHAW was born out of a collaboration between Cordell Evolution, a health and wellbeing consultancy, and Kinseed, a pioneer in digital transformation.

Tired of ineffective, off-the shelf solutions, these two businesses decided to take action. Together, they created a fully customisable range of tools that deliver best in class solutions for occupational health professionals.

At the heart of ISHAW is SwiftCare, a platform that intelligently streamlines healthcare delivery. By combining this cutting-edge technology with our human expertise, we can provide highly personalised support that meets the needs of every individual.

In short, ISHAW is like nothing that’s gone before. We’ve created a centralised hub, housing a plethora of revolutionary tools. Tools that allow occupational health professionals to successfully streamline data, proactively handle sickness absence, improve patient outcomes – and efficiently manage all aspects of employee wellbeing.

Occupational Health Management Reimagined