Occupational Health Management Reimagined!

Bring work place well-being delivery to the next level with our game changing reporting & management platform.

Designed by clinicians and built by tech experts.

Envision your HR and Health & Safety systems working effortlessly together.

Our API seamlessly combines both components, empowering organisations to prioritise employee health and productivity.

Use agile technology to streamline setup and boost efficiency, raising the bar for excellence.

Discover MediWork

Welcome to MediWork: Where Cutting-Edge Technology Meets Decades of Expertise for Personalised Workplace Health Solutions

Simplify sickness absence management, provide well-being resources, and enhance patient outcomes with ease. Create a healthier, more productive workplace with MediWork.

A Collaboration Between Cordell Evolution and Kinseed

ISHAW is a cutting edge application suite backed by SwiftCare technology, refined with expertise from Cordell Evolution and Kinseed. We offer highly personalised solutions to elevate your occupational health management.

Discover our tailored and comprehensive solutions designed to foster a healthier and more productive work environment. Leverage our extensive toolset: modular resources, integrated analytics, user-friendly online management, and an unwavering dedication to compliance.

Our blend of industry expertise and top-tier technology is setting new standards in workplace wellness delivery. Shape the future of employee well-being with ISHAW today.

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